Pubdate: Thu, 14 Apr 2005
Source: Anchorage Press (AK)
Copyright: 2005 Anchorage Publishing, Inc.
Author: Stephen Heath


Oh no! The awful Marijuana Mold! (Marijuana mold threatens police,"
April 7). And to think cops across North America have been unwittingly
getting their hands on this mold every 42 seconds! (the average time
span in the U.S. between marijuana possession busts of almost 2,000
per day).

I think it's time we stopped making cops handle this dangerous,
insidious mold. Legalize pot and protect the cops from Marijuana Mold

Oh wait, it's already legal in Alaska.

So your governor and his prohibitionist cohorts are actively trying to
assure cops will handle even more mold! Who says cops and lawmakers
don't think bass-ackwards?

On a serious note we remind readers of the following:

The 40 members of the Alaska House represent on average about 16,000
constituents each. At the moment, the approximately 2,000 folks per
district who enjoy using marijuana responsibly are law-abiding
citizens. If a House member votes Yes to Gov. Murkowski's bill, he
instantly deems these same 2,000 peaceful citizens to be criminals
worthy of arrest, prosecution and time in a jail cage. Readers are
invited to contact their representative and learn if they are to be
made criminals or if that rep will instead respect their private adult
activities within the home, as the Alaska Supreme Court has already


Public Relations Director

Drug Policy Forum of Florida

Clearwater, Florida
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