Pubdate: Thu, 28 Apr 2005
Source: Reno News & Review (NV)
Copyright: 2005, Chico Community Publishing, Inc.
Author: B.P. Auclair
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Re "All journalism is biased" and "Pot is a gift from God" (Letters,
April 14):

There are two things I'd like to state about these letters: Yep, all
journalism is biased and hence, it's no surprise that there has been
very little reporting of the fact that a Marijuana Regulation
Initiative is set to be on Nevada's 2006 ballot. That's right, folks,
Nevada will be among the first (simultaneous with Alaska) to allow its
citizens to vote to "remove all penalties for marijuana use by adults
aged 21 and older, as well as create a system for the legal
cultivation, distribution and sale of marijuana to adults. It's about
time, but how much news of this milestone have you heard?

Marijuana should be legal for all adults--with reasonable restrictions
and penalties for misuse similar to alcohol--and not just for those
deemed to have a valid medical use by a doctor. As Stan White pointed
out, it was God who created pot; doctors and pharmaceutical companies
deserve no credit. Hence, when the time comes in 2006, I will vote for
the measure if the system for legal cultivation, distribution and sale
of marijuana to adults is open to all. I will vote against it if not.

B.P. Auclair

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