Pubdate: Thu 21 Apr 2005
Source: Flor-Ala, The (AL Edu)
Copyright: 2005, University of North Alabama
Author: Stan White
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As a Colorado citizen who voted for Amendment 20 allowing people to
use cannabis medicinally in my state, I agree with the bill introduced
into the Alabama Legislature (A Friend With Weed Is A Need Indeed;
Looking At Medicinal Marijuana, April 7, 2005), which protects sick
citizens from the federal government's attacks.

The federal government wants citizens to think cannabis is a chemical
weapon of mass destruction. In reality, Coloradoans use the plant
cannabis medicinally while following state law, and it works: cannabis
use has not increased, and the sky hasn't fallen.

Further, it is biblically correct to re-legalize cannabis. It is no
accident that the Bible indicates God created all the seed-bearing
plants and said they were all good, on literally the very first page
in Genesis 1:11-12 and 29-30.

Many obedient Christians would also like clergy to speak up on this
issue since Jesus Christ risked going to jail in order to heal the

Stan White
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