Pubdate: Wed, 04 May 2005
Source: Pipestone Flyer (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005, Pipestone Publishing, Millet, Alberta
Author: Tyson Campbell
Note: Response by Ted Okkerse, Editor
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Dear Editor

Ted, I think you seem to be sadly mistaken about what world you live in. 
You do very much live in the Randall's world. It is a world where 
prohibition does nothing to control drugs other than to push their 
distribution and use underground.

There is nothing protecting children from drugs right now, so long as they 
step outside of the adults' view. The most effective solution would be to 
make sure kids were busy all the time, but this takes large education 
budgets which we seem unwilling to spend. I do not think the Randall's are 
advocating for a government 'free for all' for drugs, but for more 
effective controls. It is time that drugs were not controlled by profit 
seeking illegal capitalists, and were controlled by people who might 
actually care for your children.

Every parent should be scared right now. Unless of course you can watch 
them 24/7.

Tyson Campbell

Calgary Alberta
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Dear Tyson

You make some very good points and I tend to agree with the majority of 
them. I am relieved that my own children are grown up but I fear for my 
grandchildren, and yes, a parents job is to watch their kids 24/7 , that is 
the investment in the future.

I personally try to make an effort to spend as much time as possible with 
my grandkids and their parents are very much aware of the drug situation in 
their schools and neighborhood. It is not only up to government to educate 
our children, but it is up to the parents and grandparent to be aware and 
vigilant of their children's activities and friends. Together we can make a 
difference. Spend time with your kids, love them and be interested in all 
they do and are involved in.

We also need to lobby government for changes in the drug laws and the young 
offender's act. Some are advocating the legalization of drugs to remove the 
criminal element, however our kids would still be at risk. The purity of 
drugs is not the issue. The number one drug problem in Canada today is 
pharmaceuticals stolen from parents who are unaware that their children are 
taking them and or selling them.

The very nature of addiction is that the addicted person needs more and 
more drugs to get the same high.

Ted Okkerse 
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