Pubdate: Wed, 04 May 2005
Source: New Hamburg Independent (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 Fairway Newspaper Group
Author: Colin Walker
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In response to Joseph Lederman's letter "All or nothing with marijuana 
laws"in the April 20 edition and Lederman's statement - "I write in 
response to the recent tragic murders of the young RCMP officers in 
Alberta. Were their deaths meaningless?"

Their deaths had nothing to do with cannabis other than its presence.

The police officers were there to investigate stolen auto parts and 
happened across a 300 plant grow op. Mr. Lederman is implying that the 
police were there for cannabis and even the police do not claim that.

Pot did not kill the officers, pot was not the reason they were there, and 
pot is completely irrelevant to the events in question. It's not about the 
danger posed by indoor agriculture, it is about poor procedures, a guy with 
a gun, a history of violence and hatred for the police.

The people have made up their minds about cannabis given its ubiquitous 
usage. It is the politicians that refuse to budge because they fear 
retribution from Washington. I for one would rather have completely legal 
and regulated cannabis instead of a police state to attempt to prevent its 
use and fail continually.

As for the police being in limbo, surely they have better things to do than 
harass youths and bust pot smokers???

Colin Walker

New Westminster, BC 
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