Pubdate: Wed, 18 May 2005
Source: Maple Ridge News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Maple Ridge News
Author: Wendy Townsend
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Editor, the News:

Re: Residents don't want drug rehab by Balsam (News, May 14).

Even though I fully understand the concerns of the neighbors who don't want 
to see a 30-bed treatment centre for women close to them, I would like to 
ask them to consider a few things.

First, do you know what goes on in the homes that are in your neighbourhood 
now? Do you know who your children walk by now? Grow-ops, maybe? What about 
people, everyday-type people, who are actively abusing drugs or alcohol? 
Sex abusers? Spouse or child abusers? Do you really know?

Having been around recovery circles for many years, the one thing that I'm 
positive of is that people who are in treatment facilities want help, or 
else they wouldn't be there.

In this case, they would be accountable to the ones who staff the center, 
as well as among themselves. It's not like they're just thrown into a home 
to fend for themselves without direction. They're trying to get the tools 
in order to live healthier, productive lives and maybe regain their own 
families that they've lost. The ones who would be in the centre are 
daughters, sisters,mothers and friends who struggle with some form of 
addiction (you might even know someone who would benefit from the help). 
They've more than likely been abandoned, abused and rejected for years and 
have the desire to be set free but need help in doing so.

Treatment facilities for women are desperately needed and the women who go 
there often have to make great sacrifices, such as leaving their children 
in care, so they are serious about recovery. Imagine what it would look 
like if communities (neighbourhoods) openly received recovery homes and 
treatment facilities run by credible organizations, such as Innervisions, 
and showed love and acceptance to those who stayed there. Wow, sounds like 
it would be a really good start to healing some broken lives.

And for those of you who would question it, yes I would fully support a 
recovery house such as this in my back yard.

Wendy Townsend

Maple Ridge 
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