Pubdate: Wed, 01 Jun 2005
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)
Copyright: 2005 Philadelphia Newspapers Inc
Author: Tom Angell


Re: "Instead of jail they get another chance," May 26:

Drug court participant Nicholas Stakelbeck says he, like many people
caught up in the criminal justice system after drug arrests, has
"goals." But too many people in recovery run face-first into a brick
wall while trying to achieve their goals. Under a federal law passed
in 1998, people with drug convictions on their records are denied
financial aid for college. So far, more than 160,500 have been affected.

How is pulling students out of school supposed to keep them away from
drugs and out of the criminal justice system? Lawmakers should make it
easier, not harder, for people to move on with their lives and make
something of themselves after getting into trouble with drugs.

Tom Angell

Students for Sensible Drug Policy


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