Pubdate: Mon, 06 Jun 2005
Source: Peak, The (Simon Fraser U, Edu CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Peak Publications Society
Author: Chris Buors


Warren Haas is completely and utterly wrong about the weak will of 
so-called addicts ["I call bullshit on addictions," May 30, 2005]. In fact, 
addicts have an iron will. "Addicts" choose to engage in self-destructive 
behaviour even though they have been warned repeatedly about the consequences.

And Mr. Haas, far from addictions being everywhere, addiction is in fact a 
myth, the theory never proven. The "loss of control" theory of addiction is 
in reality a "demonic possession" theory that always finds receptive ears 
in theology-based cultures. Addiction is a culturally-conditioned 
stigmatising term. The belief in addiction reflects more about the culture 
than any actual supernatural powers of allurement believers attribute to 
their vices.

To put in understandable terms for the layman, humanity has learned how to 
do its moralising in medical terms since Jefferson separated church and 
state. So, welcome to the therapeutic state that has evolved from the 
theologic state. "Lust for pleasure" and "gluttony", "some people just 
don't know where to draw the line" explained away "addictions" for 
thousands of years. Those are two of the seven deadly sins, which 
traditional teaching tells us lead to spiritual death. Spiritual death is 
in fact a more apt description of behaviour than addiction ever was.

And the language Warren Haas uses: "can't quit" and "not starting in the 
first place" and "cop-outs" and "responsibility" - whew, why don't you just 
come out and say it? Resisting and yielding to temptation is what addiction 
is really all about.

And now that I have straightened Mr. Haas out about the true nature of 
addiction, I do want to get him started on "the rehab cockamamie" he 
mentioned because those of us who have been coerced into the "program" on 
threat of lost employment or incarceration want everybody to know that it 
boils down to forced political and religious indoctrination. Renounce the 
classic liberal notion that humanity has the natural right to self-medicate 
with whatever substance a free man may choose and accept that there are 
supernatural forces that can compel persons to act against their own will 
and I'm "treated."

And when will it all come to an end Mr. Haas? When state and medicine are 
separated, that's when!
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