Pubdate: Sat, 11 Jun 2005
Source: New Times (CA)
Copyright: 2005 New Times
Author: Rodney Wallwork
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Fellow San Luis Obispo residents: How many of you have heard about
someone who has smoked pot, or done a drug before? I've heard about it
so many times I'd be able to buy my schoolbooks for free. Now there's
a legislation trying to be passed called "Safe Access to Drug
Treatment and Child Protection Act 2005," (HR 1528). If this bill were
to pass, here is what would happen:

If you "witness" certain drug offenses taking place or "learn" that
they took place, you would have to report the offense to law
enforcement within 24 hours and provide "full assistance" in the
investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of the people involved.
Failure to do so would be punishable by a mandatory two-year prison

Here are some possible scenarios you would soon be required to report
by law within 24 hours should you happen to witness them: 1) You see
someone you know pass a joint to a fellow college student, 2) Your
cousin mentions that he bought some marijuana for some of his college
friends, 3) You find out that your brother who recently has kids
recently bought a small amount of marijuana to share with his wife, 4)
Your substance-abusing daughter begged her boyfriend to find her some
drugs even though they're both in drug treatment.

Oppose HR1528; it will make us all have to work for the government,
when we're not even getting paid for it! Contact your congressional
representatives now at www.


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