Pubdate: Thu, 16 Jun 2005
Source: Boston Globe (MA)
Copyright: 2005 Globe Newspaper Company
Author:  Stephen  F. Lynch, US Representative, Ninth District
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THE EDITORIAL "OxyContin prescription" (June 6) overlooked several critical 
points. First, most OxyContin addicts received their initial dosage 
legally, with a prescription. Meanwhile, OxyContin's manufacturer, 
Purdue-Pharma, has been warned twice by the FDA for unethical marketing 
practices and misleading doctors about its high rate of addiction. 
Purdue-Pharma has failed to make the  drug safer or limit its distribution, 
and the FDA has been unable to force the company to do so.

While I concede the Globe's point that making heroin illegal "hasn't 
stopped its illicit use," the obvious difference is that we don't sell 
heroin at every  local pharmacy, nor do we allow it to be prescribed for 
lower back aches or  dental pain. This is why I have requested a 
congressional hearing to investigate  the issue and will continue to push 
for a ban of the drug unless Purdue-Pharma  and federal regulatory agencies 
can demonstrate ability to ensure public safety. Far too many lives are 
being destroyed as we wait for unmotivated parties to  take responsible and 
necessary action.

Stephen  F. Lynch, US Representative, Ninth District
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