Pubdate: Mon, 13 Feb 2006
Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen (IA)
Copyright: 2006 Iowa City Press-Citizen
Author: Carol deProsse
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Johnson County Attorney J. Patrick White recently spoke against a 
change in law that could make possession of personal use amounts of 
marijuana a simple misdemeanor rather than a serious misdemeanor 
("White responds to marijuana ideas," Feb. 10). Mr. White is quoted 
as saying such an action would send the wrong message, that "we've 
spent years telling people not to get into the drug culture."

I hope this will not shock Mr. White's socks off, but America, along 
with the rest of the world, is steeped in the drug culture, whether 
it is the use of, to name just a few, marijuana, alcohol, sleeping 
pills, pain pills, steroids, stimulants for weight loss or staying 
awake to study for an exam, cocaine, hair restorer lotions, or acid 
reflux and anti-depression medications.

Though he must not know it, the County Attorney daily comes into 
contact with people who have taken valium, had too much to drink the 
previous day, smoked a joint that morning or popped a Viagra the 
night before. At least one person in any given job category is on a 
daily basis using drugs, including law enforcement and medicine.

We cannot with a straight face condone a small classification of 
drugs while the general populace is injecting, guzzling, popping, or 
inhaling other drugs at record rates. Our young people are not fools; 
they know when authority figures are spouting hypocrisy.

Kudos to Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek, who is clearly a man of 
intelligence, reason, and compassion -- as well as an elected 
official looking to save the taxpayers money by not arresting people 
who are statistically no more of a threat to society than anyone else.

Carol deProsse

Lone Tree