Pubdate: Mon, 20 Feb 2006
Source: Ithaca Journal, The (NY)
Copyright: 2006, The Ithaca Journal
Author: Robert Robinson
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I am writing about the Dateline Special Report, aired on Friday, Feb.
3 about computer predators. This special covered child
molestation/rape and how the Internet can help make our children
victims. I applaud Dateline for bringing this important subject into
the public eye. Fifty people were arrested in this three day sting, so
why are we not hearing about arrests like this everyday in the
headlines of papers and news shows?

In this post 9/11, computer-driven world of ours, isn't it time we put
things in perspective and really protect our children? When was the
last time you heard about a rapist being arrested? How about a
non-violent drug offender? Fact is illegal drugs remain one of law
enforcements main priorities (if not the main).

Have we made our kids any safer? No. Are we using less illegal drugs
as a society? No.

Over 700,000 Americans were arrested for marijuana law violations last
year. That is more than all violent crimes combined, including: rape,
murder, assault, manslaughter, homicide, etc. It is time law
enforcement start protecting us, the citizens of the United States
from terrorist attacks and sicko rapist looking to hurt our children.
It is also time our nation look at drugs for what they are, a public
health issue. Not an overwhelming law enforcement one! Let the police
go after criminals, not non-violent drug users.

It is our tax money that runs this system. Is this really what we