Pubdate: Sat, 14 Oct 2006
Source: Chronicle-Journal, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2006 The Chronicle-Journal
Author: N.D. Chasowy


Re "A Marijuana test case" - letter, Oct. 11.

MR. Batey provided us with his generalizations towards marijuana users
and their lifestyles. Mr. Batey sounds like he has had some negative
run-ins with users of the drug, and I can respect that his opinion of
those who choose to partake may reflect his experiences. Or, perhaps,
Mr. Batey watched too many after-school specials growing up.

Counted among the many marijuana users are some of the most
responsible, productive, hard-working citizens - including mill
workers, doctors, lawyers, and business people. Surely these people
aren't the "lazy old hippies" referred to in the letter.

Regarding the underachieving, pot-smoking students who give a bad name
to the "good" kids, in my experience a lot, if not most, students in
their teens to early twenties experiment with some sort of vice -
whether it is marijuana, alcohol, sex, or any other. Not all have low
grades, and some have genuine interest in education, in fact excel
within the educational system, and go on to lead healthy, happy,
successful lives in the workforce. What criteria do you suggest for
distinguishing good kids from bad kids?

As with any drug, there are abusers. These must be the people you
speak of. Exposing your children to marijuana to the point they are
half-baked is disgusting, I agree with you there. People use too much
sometimes. It happens, but I believe these abusers are the exception,
not the rule. Not all drug-users are prone to fits of "Reefer
Madness," Mr. Batey.

As to the "clown" who wants to use Thunder Bay as a test ground for
legal marijuana use, good for him! At least he believes in something,
and is active in trying to see his idea come to fruition. That is more
than I can say for some of the Canadian population, who couldn't care
less about being active politically, or utilizing their right to vote,
or actually trying to have a voice in our "democratic" society. There
should be more "clowns" like him. The fact that the legalization of
marijuana is even discussed is due to increased public demand for it -
it wouldn't be talked about otherwise.

As well, even though I disagree with you, good for you for expressing
your opinion in a public forum.


Thunder Bay