Pubdate: Fri, 01 Dec 2006
Source: Red and Black, The (U of Georgia, GA Edu)
Copyright: 2006 The Red and Black Publishing Co., Inc.
Author: Stan White
Note: Titled by newshawk


When reading about credible drug law reform in, "War on Drugs Needs
New Strategy" (Nov. 29, 2006), I can't help imagine the resistance
from police unions and the prison industry etc. yet society must
control out of control "no knock" police raids. I'm reminded of the
Nazi swastika and the resemblance makes Me associate SWAT with the
newly coined term SWATSTIKA.

To rationalize SWAT teams, police officials talk about preparedness
for terrorist incidents. Once trained, however, SWAT teams nationally
are mostly used to serve drug warrants and make drug arrests. One
study shows 66 percent of their use is for executing search and arrest

America must stop using SWAT military-style power for the war on
drugs. SWAT has a history, using Gestapo tactics and entering private
homes to conduct drug war warrants, including too many raids at wrong
addresses, with too many innocent citizens killed in as little as 11
seconds. Police are to serve and protect; SWAT is primed to kill.

SWATSTIKA; If the shoe fits and police doesn't like it they should
change shoes.


Stan White

Dillon, Colorado