Pubdate: Thu, 05 Jan 2006
Source: Journal Advocate, The (CO)
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Author: James Stepp
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This column by George Rice of Dec. 30 is so full of inaccuracies it 
makes my head hurt.

"That imbibing in an addictive, mind-altering drug is 'safer.'" 
Marijuana is proven to be no more physically addictive than coffee. 
Sugar is mind-altering, as well as caffeine and alcohol. Only alcohol 
is both mind-altering and addictive. Guess he's never heard of alcoholics.

"Safer than what?" Safer than alcohol. It really is, you know.

"One was quoted as worrying about how she was going to rationalize 
this when the kids found out. I got news for that biddy-brain. The 
kids already know."

Well, how would they know if prohibition worked? How many "soccer 
moms" out there are drinking and doing "legal" pills? How could 
anyone in our schools recognize the smell, which is known to be the 
easiest drug to get in school, if prohibition worked? Our schools 
have been overrun with it for the last 30-plus years. I hate to tell 
this Officer Biddy-brain that they are doing it anyway, and have been 
for a long time.

"I had to arrest combative kids whose 'freed' minds refused to accept 
that urinating in the middle of a crowded dance floor was not 
acceptable conduct ..."

Marijuana does not cause violence, as anyone who has read clinical 
studies instead of Washington propaganda would know. Youthful 
hormones and alcohol do that. Stoned people are lucky to get off the 
couch. Statistics show alcohol is involved in 60 percent of violent 
crimes and 80 percent of domestic abuse.

"Unlike alcohol, it can be produced in any back yard, basement or attic."

Apparently he's never heard of moonshine or a still.

I wish news agencies would start fact-checking before they just throw 
up an article. I have no respect whatsoever for this 
prejudice/opinion masquerading as the truth.

James Stepp

Orlando, Fla.
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