Pubdate: Sat, 05 Aug 2006
Source: Tomahawk, The (Mountain City, TN)
Copyright: 2006 The Tomahawk
Author: Jonathan Pleasant
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Dear Editor:

I would like to voice my opinion on some of the problems I am seeing
in not only this county's law enforcement but others as well. Last
night as he was coming home from work, my father, who has Never been
arrested or convicted of a crime, and who like my mother, avidly
protests the use of illegal drugs to their children, was searched for
drug possession. The Johnson County Drug Task Force arrogantly looked
throughout my father's vehicle, only to find ...Nothing. This was a
simple case of profiling and harassment and my family was deeply
offended at even being accused.

Events like this are becoming far too commonplace in this county, our
deputies trying to find ways to aggravate and fine its citizens and
bring in more money to the central office.

In addition, I understand that an officer has a vary dangerous job and
needs to defend him or herself, sometimes resulting in an unavoidable
situation, but when did it become the policy of the law to shoot
first, ask questions later, or even worse shoot a whole lot and ask no
questions at all? Isn't it still possible to debilitate someone by
shooting their legs, arms, shoulders, or anywhere else other than the
chest or head? These people have families, too, though I am not
supporting their crimes.

It seems to me that today's law enforcement which is primarily young,
inexperienced, and desperate to prove themselves, has become somewhat
out of the control of the sheriff. It was may belief that the
policemen were supposed to protect and serve not inspire fear; that
they were supposed to be kind and courteous and be able to tell the
bad guys from law abiding citizens. When the citizens must now watch
their every move, I sincerely hope we don't have to ask who the real
terrorists are.

I can only pray that the coming election brings a positive change,
whatever that may be. I hope as well that I am not persecuted for
using my first amendment right to voice my opinion and question some
of the practices of our government.

Jonathan Pleasant

Butler, TN
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