Pubdate: Wed, 25 Jan 2006
Source: Weymouth News (MA)
Copyright: 2006 Weymouth News
Author: Randall St  Jacques
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Officer Jim Bowen is just the type of officer that joins LEAP after 
retirement. Formed by former (and active) officers all over North 
America, many  of them with long service in drug enforcement and, all 
that entails; LEAP is a respectable and respected organization.

Officer  Bowen is a victim of his own environment. He has swallowed 
the paid propaganda  of disgraceful NIDA, ONDCP, DARE, DEA, FBI etc. 
ad nauseam about marijuana force  fed to us with taxpayers' dollars.

Of course  he has come in contact with people who are ready to clutch 
at any straw to avoid  the heavy penalties for using an herb. I, who 
completely disagree with Officer  Bowen, would jump at the 
opportunity to absolve my most grievous sin by going  anywhere except 
behind bars. Bowen is victim and perpetrator of his own  propaganda.

There are  any number of honest scientific findings published in 
respected journals that  refute and repudiate Officer Bowen's choice 
of reading material about  marijuana.

Randall St  Jacques CEO

Windsor  West Marijuana Party (Canada)
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