Pubdate: Fri, 25 Aug 2006
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
Copyright: 2006 PG Publishing
Author: William Miller, Clinical Director Addiction Specialists Inc.
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The Associated Press article "Methadone Still Distrusted Despite 
Success," published in the Aug. 20 Post-Gazette, while initially 
informative, suffered a disastrous relapse in the final paragraph.

The statement that "most patients have to take it [methadone] every 
day for the rest of their lives" is inaccurate and perpetuates 
negative myths. In reality less than 10 percent of methadone patients 
will remain on methadone for life.

Innovative narcotic treatment programs (NTP is the new cognomen for 
"methadone clinic") place the emphasis on treatment and view 
methadone as only one of many tools available to achieve recovery.

While both federal and Pennsylvania regulations require only 2.5 
hours of treatment per month for patients, we are able to offer up to 
24 hours per week of intensive, focused treatment designed to help 
patients return, as quickly as clinically appropriate, to a 
productive, drug-free lifestyle. This is the direction "most patients" pursue.

William Miller, Clinical Director Addiction Specialists Inc. Downtown
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