Pubdate: Wed, 06 Sep 2006
Source: Express (Nelson, CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Kootenay Express Communication Corp.
Author: Jasmine Lysenko


Dear Editor,

This letter is regarding the recent arrest of Holy Smoke partners Paul
DeFelice and Alan Middlemiss. I would like to express both my concern
surrounding these events and my support for the Holy Smoke and its
owners for the role that they play in our community.

It is my opinion that the Holy Smoke Culture Shop is a positive
community establishment. They promote the safe and responsible use of
cannabis and cannabis products and give pot smokers a safe place to
congregate off of the streets and outside of the city parks. I believe
the Holy Smoke to be a vital part of the economic life of downtown
Nelson. The Holy Smoke proprietors also involve themselves in the
community in other positive ways such as the time that they all shaved
off their beards to raise money for the Nelson Food Cupboard.

I am deeply concerned by the persecution that the Holy Smoke Culture
Shop has received from the Nelson City Police. I question the
priorities of a police force that focuses its energy on investigating
and arresting active members of our community. I regret that so much
time, money and energy has been put into the task of investigating and
intimidating the Holy Smoke.  The foremost priorities of our Nelson
City Police should be the safety and well being of the residents and
visitors to Nelson. As the Holy Smoke poses a threat to neither,
perhaps the police should focus their attention on more violent and
dangerous individuals

Jasmine Lysenko

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