Pubdate: Mon, 11 Sep 2006
Source: Ukiah Daily Journal, The (CA)
Copyright: 2006 The Ukiah Daily Journal
Author: Scott Freeman


To the Editor:

Marc Parsley states a whole lot of misleading "facts"(?) about
hemp.Then he puts hemp in the same class as medicinal marijuana. Thats
like comparing non-alchoholic beer to real beer.

Keep open your own minds and educate yourself on hemp.

Parsley says hemp doesn't hold up in a "large variety of enviroments."
He must not have read about the 200-year-old water pipe that was found
on the East Coast that was still wrapped in hemp and in good
condition; 200 yrs old! Try that with your polyester suit. Marc, you
love those poisonouis chemicals do ya? Rayon, polyester, nylon all
made with poison. Thats what you want, Marc?

You really sound like an ex-smoker of cannabis with that holier than
thou attitude passing on misinformation and lies about hemp.

People just read as much as you can about hemp and then make up your
own minds. I believe hemp is probably one of the best natural products
out there.

Hemp can replace the need to cut our trees for paper and a wide
variety of products.

If anyone gets a chance to buy a product made of hemp, do it. See for
yourself. The more products of hemp that are made or grown will bring
down the price. Hemp really is a superior product.

Scott Freeman,

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