Pubdate: Mon, 11 Sep 2006
Source: Fresno Bee, The (CA)
Copyright: 2006 The Fresno Bee
Author: Jeff Crow
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It's ironic that the Drug Enforcement Agency wants to kill the hemp  
legalization bill (story Aug. 28) co-authored by Chuck DeVore, R- 
Irvine, and supported by lieutenant governor candidate Tom  
McClintock, while admitting it can't stop marijuana cultivation on  
federal lands (story Aug. 31).

The DEA should have better things to do than trying to kill a bill  
that would allow California farmers to grow harmless industrial  
plants. Hemp products such as candles, clothing and oils generate  
$500 million a year in sales.

Currently, hemp growth isn't allowed in California because certain  
interests (usually politicians or law enforcement unions) have  
convinced the public that marijuana and hemp are synonymous. They've  
accomplished this through invalid arguments.

These arguments include "Pot can be grown in hemp fields," and  
"Legalizing hemp shows we're "soft on drugs." The truth: mixing pot  
and hemp causes pot to lose its potency; hemp fields are subject to  
search; China allows hemp cultivation without being "soft on  
drugs" (they execute drug offenders).

It's unfortunate the DEA continues to use "reefer madness" arguments  
in its attempts to fight this good bill for California, while not  
doing its job protecting public land. Let Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger  
know you support this bill.

Jeff Crow, Fresno
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