Pubdate: Fri, 08 Sep 2006
Source: Flint Journal (MI)
Copyright: 2006 Flint Journal
Author: Greg Francisco


It's good to know that attorneys representing the Atherton School
District are "fly-specking" the student drug test policy to ensure it
passes legal muster. Let's just hope the school board gives equal
diligence to examining whether or not random drug testing works.
Various studies, by a 10-to-1 ratio, indicate that it does not.

Drug testing student athletes and band members simply ostracizes the
very students most in need of after-school supervision. Or it induces
them to switch from marijuana, detectable for weeks, to alcohol and
methamphetamine, detectable for mere hours.

Student drug testing is a huge, extremely lucrative growth industry in
Michigan. It is being heavily promoted, with a large dollop of guilt,
by companies out to make a fast buck off our kids. There is very
little evidence that it actually keeps kids safe from drugs.

Better to spend the money on things like band uniforms and expanding
after-school activities. If parents want to test their children for
drugs, there is nothing stopping them from doing it themselves, at

Greg Francisco, MA

Educators for Sensible Drug Policy

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