Pubdate: Wed, 13 Sep 2006
Source: Modesto Bee, The (CA)
Copyright: 2006 The Modesto Bee
Author: Robert Blanchard
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You would think the federal government and state could  look in the 
past. When they made booze illegal, in  stepped the Mafia and we all 
know what happened then --  killings, booze runs, making moonshine, 
and they made  money. So now marijuana is the money-maker for the 
Mexican drug cartels.

Have you been watching the news or reading your paper?  Houses have 
been located that are used only for growing  marijuana in Oakhurst, 
Sacramento, etc. Our national  forests are being used by the Mexican 
drug cartels, and  restoring them after the cartels have made an 
environmental mess is going to take months and tens of  thousands of dollars.

We taxpayers are paying for the war on drugs, the clean  up, the 
agents that work for the war on drugs. It's not  working. If 
marijuana was made legal, there would be no  reason for drug cartels 
to grow and sell this. The  state would get the taxes and could make 
regulations, which we need.

Robert Blanchard

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