Pubdate: Fri, 15 Sep 2006
Source: Florida Today (Melbourne, FL)
Copyright: 2006 Florida Today
Author: Tom Salat, Melbourne
Note: Does Not Accept Out Of Town LTEs On Drug Policy


The non-arrest of the son of Brevard County Sheriff's Chief Deputy 
Mike Lewis, who was in possession of cocaine and his father's loaded 
weapon as reported by FLORIDA TODAY Sept. 9, smacks of cronyism to 
the highest degree.

If Titusville Police Chief Tony Bollinger has "complete confidence" 
that the officers at the scene handled it fairly, please explain how 
individuals stopped for similar violations have been arrested and 
arraigned, irrespective of what Bollinger referred to as a suspect's 
"remorse" or "cooperative attitude," -- especially after initially 
denying possession.

And for what reason was the officer who was "gathering evidence" told 
the offender was being released to Brevard County Sheriff's West 
Precinct Commander Mike Scully, a family friend, and not to his 
parents? Apparently, an inappropriate high level courtesy call was 
made to Scully to effect this outcome.

Hopefully, Sheriff Jack Parker will initiate an immediate 
investigation into the involvement of Commander Scully and this 
appearance of impropriety, and direct the same toward Chief Deputy 
Lewis, to whom these courtesies were afforded, and who apparently 
can't control the location and security of his weapons.

Are such courtesies afforded to all deputies and their families? A 
crime is a crime and a gun is a gun.
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