Pubdate: Fri, 15 Sep 2006
Source: Florida Today (Melbourne, FL)
Copyright: 2006 Florida Today
Author: George Papp, Titusville
Note: Does Not Accept Out Of Town LTEs On Drug Policy


I was dismayed but not surprised, after reading in the Sept. 9 issue 
of FLORIDA TODAY by the special treatment received by the son of the 
Brevard County Sheriff Department's chief deputy.

The 19-year-old was pulled over by the Titusville Police Department 
while in possession of marijuana, cocaine, and his dad's loaded 
personal firearm.

I believe if my neighbor's adult son got caught under similar 
circumstances, he would most certainly have been placed under arrest 
and sent to jail in Sharpes.

The chief deputy needs to teach his son that life is about choices, 
and those choices have consequences.

As far as the deputy believing that this is a "private family 
matter," as he is quoted saying in the story, that privacy ended when 
his son put public safety at risk by driving under the influence of 
drugs while armed with a loaded weapon.

As a retired federal law enforcement officer, I sincerely hope 
justice prevails and the chief deputy's son is treated like any other 
father's son. That means the filing of appropriate criminal charges 
and receiving a fair trial.
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