Pubdate: Wed, 27 Sep 2006
Source: Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)
Copyright: 2006 The Arizona Republic
Author:  E. Jay


It never fails to amaze me how I can talk to kids about drugs and 
they understand.

I talked to a young girl the other day in Las Vegas. I told her I 
wanted to legalize drugs. She said you can't do that, that kids will 
get them. I ask if she could get any drug she wanted at her school. 
She said yes. I ask if she could get alcohol. She said, no, you have 
to be 21 - and the light bulb came on.

I don't understand why people don't see that the only one regulating 
the purity of drugs, the age of the customers, location of sales and 
where the profits go is the drug dealer.

If you want to control something, it must be regulated.

E. Jay


Mohave Valley
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