Pubdate: Wed, 27 Sep 2006
Source: Daily Tar Heel, The (U of NC, Edu)
Copyright: 2006 DTH Publishing Corp
Author: David Zoppo


To The Editor:

I just want to thank the editorial board of the DTH for running the 
September 25 editorial, "Grass is good for the economy."

It is nice to see that a publication has the courage and sensibility 
to run such a controversial - yet necessary - editorial.

Ever since the 1930s, this country has had an irrational fear of 
"reefer madness."

Marijuana use - in moderation - poses no extreme threat to the body's 
well-being and can even improve an individual's mental state.

Marijuana does not increase an individual's risk for developing lung 
cancer and its side effects (the munchies, increased creativity, 
etc.) are harmless.

Further, cannabis (the plant from which marijuana is derived) has 
many practical uses aside from marijuana cultivation. From the plant, 
one can cultivate hemp rope and clothing.

The bottom line is that our country is wasting billions of dollars to 
halt the use and distribution of a drug that, quite frankly, will 
never stop being used or distributed.

By criminalizing the growth, use and possession of marijuana, our 
government is taking everyday people and turning them into criminals, 
creating a sub-culture of citizens who cannot vote and who can't hold 
a decent job, simply because they took a puff of some ganja.

If we want to save money, protect consumers and create a more stable 
society, then marijuana must be legalized.

David Zoppo


Political Science
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