Pubdate: Mon, 02 Oct 2006
Source: East Valley Tribune (AZ)
Copyright: 2006 East Valley Tribune.
Author: Arlen Troutt
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Senate Race


Since we can't get the press to pose real questions to this same old 
pack of professional politicians -- maybe my question for Jim 
Pederson will accidentally get published in the opinion pages. 
Billions of dollars are spent on purchasing marijuana. That money 
enriches the criminal element and hostile foreign powers. Harsh laws 
and prison walls have done nothing to curb the popularity and demand 
for this safe and effective medicinal herb. The drug and alcohol 
companies are making our government look stupid in their war to 
protect their markets. Professional politicians against the 
decriminalization of marijuana are either out of touch with society 
or in the pocket of the drug and alcohol industry. There is little 
middle ground on this forgotten war. Pederson's position on medical 
marijuana before this election is important since he is the only one 
claiming to be independent of these giant corporations. With the 
billions of dollars and lives being wasted by these laws, he must let 
his position be known. Alcohol has been filling our emergency rooms 
for the past 70 years, not marijuana. Honesty on this matter would 
make Pederson the most unique figure in American politics. Not one 
politician in this country has shown the courage to represent common 
sense. I challenge the press and these professional politicians to be 
honest about marijuana.

Arlin Troutt

Gold Canyon
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