Pubdate: Wed,  27 Sept 2006
Source: Excalibur (CN ON Edu)
Copyright: 2006 Excalibur
Author: Stan White


Re: "Prince of Pot . . . ", Features, Sept. 20, 2006

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to read "Prince Of Pot Plants Seeds Of Activism," and hope 
the U.S.'s effort to extradite him is halted.  Many Americans believe Emery 
is a progressive hero and the Drug Enforcement Agency is a gang of 
discredited prohibitionists spewing lies to perpetuate caging humans for 
using a God-given plant.

Cannabis ( kaneh bosm or "marijuana" ) should be relegalized.  One reason 
for this, which doesn't get mentioned, is that it is biblically correct, 
since Christ God Our Father created all seed-bearing plants and said they 
are all good, on literally the very first page of the Bible ( see Genesis 
1:11-12 and 29-30 ).

The work of the DEA is not only ludicrous - it's luciferous.

- -Stan White
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