Pubdate: Tue, 10 Oct 2006
Source: Metro (CN BC)
Copyright: Metro 2006
Author:Derek Mackie


Re: Study Says B.C. Has Most Stoners.

Last week's study on marijuana use has revealed that one in six 
British Columbia residents use marijuana at least once a year and 16 
per cent of B.C. residents smoke pot regularly.

With numbers like that you'd think that your publication could stop 
using derogatory names like stoner to refer to these hard-working Canadians.

These people pay their taxes, raise their families and vote like 
everyone who goes home and drinks a few beers or sips a couple 
glasses of wine. You don't call those people drunks, booze hounds or 
alcoholics every chance you get -- the least you could do is pay the 
same respect to the cannabis-consuming people of this province.

Derek Mackie,

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