Pubdate: Wed, 11 Oct 2006
Source: Grand Forks Gazette (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Sterling Newspapers
Author: Russell Barth,
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Editor, The Gazette:

I Am Responding To The Editorial, Drug Seizure Highlights Need In The 
Sept. 27 Issue Of The Gazette.

What would happen if we suddenly criminalized alcohol?  Gangsters 
would celebrate, because they'd have a new commodity to trade in.

This would boost business in every level of their operations, no 
matter what commodities they deal in.

What would happen if we regulated drugs?  Gangsters would be angry 
because their main commodities have been regulated right out from 
under them.  They would lose profits and power.

So if we really wanted to throw a wrench in the machinery of criminal 
activity, and protect our kids in the process, we would legalize and 
regulate drugs like we do alcohol.

Marijuana, meth and X go south; cocaine, guns and heroin come north, 
or through our ports.  This is huge business.

But when you don't name the drugs, then it is all one thing; 
smuggling.  Weapons, drugs, people - all just cargo with a price tag 
to those guys.  It is just business.

But if we take the drugs out of the equation, we take a huge amount 
of cash off of the gangsters.

This makes every other thing they do that much more difficult.

The fact that our government refuses to even consider regulation 
leads me to wonder exactly who or what they are trying to protect.

Al Capone had high-ranking government and law-enforcement officials 
on his payroll, so maybe that offers us some clue.

Russell Barth,

Federal medical marijuana license holder,

Ottawa, Ont.
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