Pubdate: Mon, 09 Oct 2006
Source: AM New York (NY)
Copyright: 2006 AM New York
Author: Daniel Raymond
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Re 'Sharply Divided' (Oct. 6): about the needle exchange program. The 
debate has largely been resolved--we've had more than a decade of 
peaceful coexistence between programs and communities, gained the 
support of political leaders and community boards in every borough 
except Staten Island, and seen HIV rates among drug injectors plummet by 75%.

Needle exchange works, and improves community health by helping 
people get into drug treatment, testing for HIV and hepatitis C, 
providing free vaccinations, and offering education and tools to 
prevent overdose.

The real story is how gentrification threatens public health by 
displacing poor people and pushing vulnerable groups underground.

- --Daniel Raymond, policy director

Harm Reduction Coalition
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