Pubdate: Thu, 19 Oct 2006
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2006 Boulder Weekly
Author: Renae Payne


(Re: "Polk hits pothole," Stew's Views, Oct. 5.) The issue of a Boulder 
City Council member's arrest for marijuana possession and driving under the 
influence brings several important points to the forefront.

Firstly, no one should drive while under the influence of a substance,
which can alter your perceptions. Even if some people can "maintain,"
as Stewart suggests, under the influence, these laws must be abided
by-for the overall safety of our community and society as a whole.

Secondly, if someone can "maintain" while under the influence of a
substance, which would (for others) alter (their) perceptions, this
substance should be legalized. It should be governed in the same
manner that our society governs alcohol.

Thirdly, if someone (anyone) gets pulled over and suspected of a
criminal act by a police officer, it seems natural that an individual
would attempt to talk their way out of the situation-regardless of
their position. It could not possibly be any fun to get arrested.
Perhaps if such an individual lives their life with integrity, they
might "admit" things they shouldn't, subsequently revealing "who" they
are in the context of the matter-which leads to my fourth point.

If you are ever pulled over and suspected of a criminal act, keep your
mouth shut! Your comments, regardless of your role or title in the
community, will be held against you.

Finally, perhaps Richard Polk has merely made a mistake. Judging by
the work he has accomplished and his reputation in this community, he
deserves our support. We hope he will learn from his mistakes and not
make them again.

Renae Payne,

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