Pubdate: Wed, 08 Nov 2006
Source: Shepherd Express (Milwaukee, WI)
Copyright: 2006 Alternative Publications Inc.
Author: Allan Erickson


It amazes me how people can remain so uneducated in spite of the
availability of factual information. It further amazes me that there
are political candidates who can be as far behind the learning curve
as Wisconsin's Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green ("Where's
Jacki's Medicine?" Expresso, Oct. 26).

I've watched for nearly a decade both Gary Storck and Jacki Rickert
fight in order to have safe legal access to their cannabis medicine.

Mark Green is representative of politicians out of touch with voters,
issues and reality. As the research continues, we see cannabis proving
effective against many maladies, including cancer and MS. Researchers
are saying it may prove more effective than pharmaceuticals in dealing
with Alzheimer's. In fact here in Oregon cannabis is listed as useful
in treating the rage associated with Alzheimer's.

Wisconsin should heed the words of these two very brave
patient-warriors and avoid supporting Mark Green's ignorance when
marking their ballots.

Allan Erickson

Drug Policy Forum of Oregon

Eugene, Ore.
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