Pubdate: Wed, 22 Nov 2006
Source: Red Deer Express (CN AB)
Copyright: 2006 Red Deer Express
Author: Russell Barth


How can the government justify this new affront to our civil rights
and liberties? There are no numbers to show that there has been an
"increase" in drugged driving incidents, as no official study has ever
been done. Remember, this is the same government who wants to "crack
down" on a crime rate that has been steadily dropping.

Imagine this scenario: Someone is driving around, stoned on
tranquillizers, painkillers, cold-medications, or some combination
thereof. The driver gets pulled over and appears - to the police
officer - to be visibly "impaired."

The driver blows zero for alcohol, and his urine and blood samples
test negative for illegal drugs. That driver is free to go and repeat
the offence.

But if the driver tests positive for even trace amounts of marijuana -
- - which may show up in the body for up to three months after the last
puff, or because of second hand smoke - they will be booked for
"impaired driving."

This is the same as busting someone for drunk driving three days after
their last drink.

Clearly, this new "drugged driving" legislation is designed
specifically to profile marijuana users - especially people under the
age of 30, and people of colour.

How medical marijuana users will fare in this new pogrom is yet to be

The new law will likely ignore the dangers of other impairment factors
such as; a coffee or cigarette or cell phone in hand, rowdy pets and
passengers, booming stereos, over-the-counter medications,
prescription medications, blood-sugar-imbalances, fatigue,
inexperience, bad driving habits, old-age, and just plain old stupidity.

So much for Canada being a "just society."

Russell Barth,

Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder, Ottawa
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