Pubdate: Wed, 29 Nov 2006
Source: Evening News, The (CN NS)
Copyright: The Evening News 2006
Author: Russell Barth


To the Editor,

Re: Editorial, Need for a Plan That Works.

This vulgar anti-pot propaganda piece should never have been printed. 
Was the editor huffing glue, or what?

"... society doesn't need more mind-ravaging substances around."

Since when is marijuana a mind "ravaging" substance? It has none of 
the effects of other drugs, and has in fact, been used as medicine 
for 5,000 years at least. Since she quit pharmaceuticals and turned 
to cannabis four years ago, my epileptic wife's mind has never worked 
better. She went from 60 seizures a year to just two. Call that "ravaging?"

One only has to look as far as the 2002 Senate Committee Report to 
know that cannabis is one of the most benign medical substances known to man.

Recent studies from Saskatchewan show cannabis to stimulate tissue 
growth in the hippothalmus part of the brain, and studies out of 
Spain and Israel show cannabis to have cancer fighting qualities, the 
most recent study shows cannabis protects the brain from Alzheimer's.

"Mind-ravaging substance" indeed! What balderdash. Is that the best 
argument that prohibitionists have? - "We don't need another drug available?"

By that logic we should hand control of the alcohol industry back to gangsters.

Russell Barth

Federal Medical Marijuana Licence Holder

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