Pubdate: Sat, 02 Dec 2006
Source: Reporter, The (Vacaville, CA)
Copyright: 2006 The Reporter
Author: Greg Francisco


A letter writer certainly uses an awfully broad brush when he lays all
blame for the very real tragedies that have befallen his family solely
on a green plant ("Where is concern for marijuana victims?" The
Reporter, Nov 19).

I am unaware of a single credible drug law reform activist who
advocates either driving while intoxicated or the indiscriminate use
of marijuana by teenagers. I am aware of many teachers, law
enforcement officers, judges and Christian ministers who advocate
removing marijuana from the black market. Consistently teens report
that marijuana is easier for them to buy than is alcohol or tobacco.
That's because those two drugs are sold by licensed, regulated vendors
who check ID. All the criminal drug dealer wants to see from our kids
is the cash.

We call marijuana prohibition a drug control strategy, but in truth it
takes all control over the manufacture, distribution and sale of
cannabis out of legitimate government oversight and cedes it to
criminal syndicates. Tell me again, just how is that scheme supposed
to keep marijuana out of the hands of teens? Because as even the
letter writer appears to concede, it sure doesn't seem to be working.

Legalize, regulate, tax, control. For the good of our

There is a better way.

Greg Francisco, Educators for Sensible Drug Policy, Paw Paw,
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