Pubdate: Wed, 13 Dec 2006
Source: National Post (Canada)
Copyright: 2006 Southam Inc.
Author: David Danylyshyn
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Re: Winnipeg Drug Raid Turns Into Shootout, Dec. 9.

The headline of this story makes it look as if a bad guy shot three 
officers. That may have been the case. But I have an acquaintance who 
is a grower, and I believe there may be some nuances to this story 
that have gone unreported.

Marijuana growers are frequently armed, for the sensible reason that 
they are at great risk from armed robbers and cannot rely on the 
police to defend their property. Why, then, when there are just one 
or two suspects, and no evidence of hostages, are police forces so 
disposed to employ armoured, infantry assaults instead of the regular 
police method of guarding each door and announcing a warrant?

If I were awakened by the sound of my door being smashed in, and the 
sight of rushing, shouting, shrouded figures in the dark, I would not 
respond with a gentle, thoughtful inquiry.

David Danylyshyn

Surrey, B.C.
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