Pubdate: Sat, 16 Dec 2006
Source: Register-Guard, The (OR)
Copyright: 2006 The Register-Guard
Author: Jim Greig


As one of the more than 12,000 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program 
patients in the state, I have a relevant question, one many other 
participants in the OMMP are asking also: "Where can I find my medicine?"

I am confined to a wheelchair with severe rheumatoid arthritis and 
cannot grow marijuana for myself. I receive assistance from time to 
time, but the system is so inefficient. Because pot is astronomically 
expensive, patients who choose to grow their own face the threat of 
robbery and possible assault. And why is it so expensive? Why is this 
plant worth as much as gold?

The exorbitant rates for high-quality, medical-grade cannabis are 
solely the fault of the federal government. The feds are not afraid 
to arrest patients, nor are they afraid to steal our medicine. They 
will not admit that pot has medical use, while they continue to block 
studies seeking to understand and utilize marijuana's medical potential.

Oregon is missing the mark by not realizing we already have more than 
12,000 case studies of cannabis as medicine in the OMMP, in spite of 
what Big Brother says.

Oregon's elected representatives need to stop bowing to the federal 
cannabis obstructionists and represent us.

We need a system that gives OMMP patients safe local access to an 
adequate supply of our medicine.

Oregon allows "death with dignity" but still struggles with the 
concept of "life with dignity." We need to change that.

Jim Greig

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