Pubdate: Tue, 19 Dec 2006
Source: News & Star (UK)
Copyright: 2006 News & Star
Author: Lee Elswood


PERSONAL beliefs aside, as a population we are now well informed of 
how cannabis alleviates some of the crippling and painful conditions 
which multiple sclerosis sufferers endure.

These are often followed by horrendous side effects that some 
prescribed corporate drugs will bring the sufferer.

I do not, as many others, believe in a policy of cannabis for all, 
but surely for those who will gain direct medical benefit from using 
this natural plant, a more tolerant approach should be used when 
dealing with medical cannabis users.

The three defendants have made no profit from the years of service 
and support they have provided to the MS community and I personally 
believe that convicting them is an injustice and insult to the MS 
sufferers who have benefited from their help.

Corporate drugs are not helping many of these people and 
self-medication using cannabis, if it shows a marked improvement in 
their health, should be allowed under government licensing.

Lezley Gibson, her husband Mark and Marcus Davies have committed no 
crime, yet under UK law they have risked their own freedom to supply 
a medical service that many NHS listed doctors wish they could 
provide themselves.

Lee Elswood


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