Pubdate: Tue, 19 Dec 2006
Source: News & Star (UK)
Copyright: 2006 News & Star
Author: Ingo Wagenknecht


THERE are many people up and down the country who are concerned that 
self medication will now become a criminal offence.

Mark and Lesley Gibson have helped many people in pain and discomfort 
by sending out cannabis chocolate; it is a crime to drag them through 
the courts and waste taxpayers' money.

This is another indication that this Government and its courts are 
fully prepared to go soft on class A drugs, but that they come down 
hard on those who merely help themselves to alleviate pain, with no 
crime committed at all.

The Royal Mail and police must have known and done nothing for a very 
long time; what suddenly changed their minds, and who told them to 
arrest and prosecute when the classification of cannabis has gone 
down to C, not up?

Let these people go free and stop wasting money on politically 
motivated show trials that prove nothing.

Ingo Wagenknecht

Rockland St Mary

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