Pubdate: Fri, 17 Feb 2006
Source: Peoria Journal Star (IL)
Copyright: 2006sPeoria Journal Star
Author: Richard J. Rawlings


Re. Feb. 7 story, "Cocaine arrests top group's list":

I liked how MEG Director Larry Hawkins used the words "probably
because," before going on to say, "Our officers are better trained,"
blah blah blah. They may be better trained, but this has nothing to do
with the rise in cocaine arrests each year. The reason for the
increase is the U.S. government's horribly failed drug policies.

The drug war has gone on for over 90 years, and there are more drugs
in America right now then ever before. The U.S. is busting at the
seams with illegal drugs. We can't get enough of them, and no law
enforcement agencies are going to stop the flow of these drugs into
the country no matter how many nonviolent people they want to lock up
so taxpayers can house them in a prison somewhere.

Sure, Hawkins is going to put spin on it and tell you what a wonderful
job they are doing. This is because he wants to wake up tomorrow still
employed, with taxpayers cutting him a paycheck.

This is a health issue, not a criminal one. Regulate, educate and stop
incarcerating nonviolent Americans.

Richard J. Rawlings,

U.S. Marijuana Party,

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