Pubdate: Wed, 22 Feb 2006
Source: Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV)
Copyright: 2006 The Herald-Dispatch
Author: Debby Hibbard
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We're all aware of the increase in drug abuse in our area and the 
problems caused by it. A tremendous amount of our tax dollars are 
spent on law enforcement, crime-related costs, court costs, jail, 
medical costs, lost productivity, children of addicts, etc.

A lot of our money goes toward the result of drug abuse, but very 
little toward the treatment. We do not have the treatment facilities 
needed in our area. What few are here can't meet the need.

We all want the same results: our tax dollars to be spent in 
productive ways, the problems associated with drug abuse to decrease, 
our children and grandchildren to live in an area where there are 
fewer drug-related problems and crimes.

I read for every $1 spent on treatment there is a $7.50 reduction in 
drug-related crime and court costs. The need is here. Our leaders and 
elected officials need to look at the whole picture and analyze the 
situation. Is it possible to spend less money and have much more 
productive results?

We have to turn this problem around, to correct what we can and give 
our children a brighter and safer future. Treatment is our only answer.

Debby Hibbard

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