Pubdate: Wed, 22 Feb 2006
Source: Merritt Herald (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Merritt Herald
Author: Chris Buors



Robert MacKay must think that some people are devoid of will.

The truth is that users seek out drug distributors. Users value their 
suppliers so much that they will protect them from the police. Mr. 
MacKay ought to understand that from a pleasure seeker's perspective 
the "evil pusher" is a bringer of liberty and enlightenment.

Al Capone said it best. He was just giving the people what they wanted.

There is no such thing as mind control. Even under torture many men 
go to their deaths without telling their tormentors a single thing. 
All people have free will that can not be destroyed by drugs or 
anything else. If someone is living in a pit of drug despair, they 
are there because they want to be there.

People do choose to destroy their own lives and Robert MacKay is 
right in that there is nothing anybody in the universe can do about 
that. God himself can not help a man against his own will so there is 
little the magistrate can do about it.

It just puzzles me why Canadians were stupid enough to make drugs the 
forbidden fruit in the first place. Didn't anybody but me get the 
moral of the Parable of the Fall taught in Sunday school? To be sure, 
God lies, Eve lies, The Serpent tells the truth and Lucifer leaves 
the Garden of Eden a whole lot more powerful than when he got there. 
The lesson was meant for the authorities to learn not to forbid 
fruits and to tell the people the truth.

I'm willing to bet Stephen Harper and Randy White can not relate 
those parable lessons to drug prohibition. The Sunday school lesson 
never sunk in yet these foolish people are pretending to lead us on 
to a better life.

Me thinks the vision of a 1,000 years sin free existence is the mote 
in their eye. These law makers don't see their own evil rests in 
forbidden the fruits in the first place.

Chris Buors

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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