Pubdate: Tue, 28 Feb 2006
Source: Kalamazoo Gazette (MI)
Copyright: 2006 Kalamazoo Gazette
Author: Dave Michon


For years I have been a frequent visitor to the Kalamazoo area for the
fine fishing opportunities. I have also had the distinct pleasure, at
a national drug policy conference, of getting to know Greg Francisco
- - who is suffering this spurious prosecution for a tiny stem fragment
of what was alleged to be marijuana.

I found Francisco to be a principled and gentle man who should never
have been targeted this way. He is a credit to the area and his
impressive abilities should be back at work for the people. I read
that prosecutor Cory Johnson said Francisco "has not been targeted"
and that the prosecution is a "routine matter." So, citizens are
routinely arrested and lose their jobs for such trivia? Ridiculous.

This fine man and his family should never have had to endure this
harassment just because he advocates reform of a policy which makes
police and prosecutors much too powerful over our lives. It is a
picayune affair for which the people's money should never have been
wasted, and much greater expense lies ahead if Greg is forced to
defend his constitutional right to free speech.

D.H. Michon

Eau Claire, Wis.
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