Pubdate: Sat, 11 Mar 2006
Source: Bradenton Herald (FL)
Copyright: 2006 Bradenton Herald
Author: James Stepp


Re: "Hemp: A growing need?," usually I find myself writing people who 
write articles about hemp and marijuana prohibition to correct them. 
This article was very concise and well written, however. Congratulations!

I also found out a nasty truth about marijuana prohibition that I 
didn't know. I have to admit it truly horrified me and there are not 
many things that do that. What I found out is that U.S. studies into 
finding the harm in smoking cannabis instead found that it cures cancer.

Apparently, in 1974, it was discovered by a Spanish researcher as 
well as the University of Massachusetts. The government not only 
didn't reclassify it as Schedule Two to support cancer research but 
made the university and researchers cover it up. Basically, our 
government may have murdered millions of us just to support their 
prohibition fantasy.

I would truly love to see some stories printed on this. I find it to 
be absolutely inexcusable and I feel something needs to be done about it.

James Stepp, Orlando
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