Pubdate: Tue, 07 Mar 2006
Source: Chronicle, The (CN QU)
Copyright: 2006 Media Transcontinental
Author: Jack A. Cole


Re: 'Drugs easy to get at, students say,' The Chronicle, March 1.

In 26 years working as a cop, with 12 of those years doing undercover
drug work, I came to realize what should have been obvious to me the
first day I pinned on a badge.

That is the illegal drug market actively works to recruit minors to
assist them in distributing their products -- notably marijuana -- to
their fellow students. On the other hand, I observed that legal,
licensed drug dealers do not recruit minors as employees nor do they
knowingly sell to minors. I came to realize that the policy of drug
prohibition thereby causes far more danger to both minors and adults
than does a legal licensed and regulated market.

I now lead an organization created for law enforcement and criminal
justice professionals who believe the war on drugs is not only an
abject failure but a terribly destructive policy. Polls show 73 per
cent of the public and 67 per cent of police chiefs agree with that
statement. Today we have over 5,000 members. And we are not just
police. We are judges, prosecutors, prison wardens, DEA and FBI
agents. LEAP knows legalized regulation is a more ethical and
efficient policy than prohibition for controlling drugs in our society.

Legalizing drugs will not solve all of the problems related to drugs
and drug abuse in our society. But it will put a halt to the most
active gateway for young people to receive access to drugs -- the
illegal drug dealers.


Executive Director

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Medford, MA USA
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