Pubdate: Thu, 23 Mar 2006
Source: Shepherd Express (Milwaukee, WI)
Copyright: 2006 Alternative Publications Inc.
Author: Randy Vizyak


After reading "Willie Horton Multiplied" ("Taking Liberties" by Joel
McNally, March 9) I looked at some Web sites for the Wisconsin
attorney general race. Paul Bucher criticizes Kathleen Falk for
wanting to legalize marijuana. Unfortunately, that's not true. In a
2002 interview Falk said she was "reviewing literature on that subject."

Now carry this to its logical conclusion. Let's say Falk was reviewing
an essay by congressman Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas, who said
the federal drug laws should be repealed so that states can make their
own laws. Maybe Nevada legalizes it and Alabama doesn't. This is what
happened with liquor laws after the 18th Amendment was repealed in

Now according to Bucher's thinking, an attorney general candidate
shouldn't be reading things like that, or at least not publicly
admitting it, because we don't dare question the drug laws. Actually,
our state and federal constitutions give legislators the power to make
and "repeal" laws, as well as freedom to criticize bad laws.

The government's war on drugs has created a plethora of civil rights
abuses. If Bucher criticizes his opponent for simply "reviewing
literature" about it I sure as heck don't want him for state attorney

Randy Vizyak

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