Pubdate: Thu, 20 Apr 2006
Source: Eye Magazine (CN ON)
Copyright: 2006 Eye Communications Ltd.
Author: Randy Vizyak
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Re "Decriminalizing Dope," Letters, April 13: The letter writer said 
they were a heavy and daily pot smoker, were married to a dealer and 
are against legalizing cannabis, but in favour of lowering the 
penalty. They say they want to break the law but not be punished for it.

If I were a judge, here's what I would do to all persons 30 years of 
age or older who came before me on a drug charge: I would ask them to 
produce evidence showing that they have tried to change the drug 
laws. If they could produce such evidence, I would let them go free. 
If they could not, I would send them to jail. Not because drugs are 
so bad, but because they are so irresponsible.

Marijuana has been illegal in the US and Canada since the 1920s and 
'30s. Since the letter writer was born after that time, perhaps she 
could explain how making it illegal kept it out of her hands as well 
as from using it irresponsibly.

Randy Vizyak,

Mukwonago, Wisconsin
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