Pubdate: Sun, 30 Apr 2006
Source: Iowa City Press-Citizen (IA)
Copyright: 2006 Iowa City Press-Citizen
Author: Carol deProsse, Caroline Dieterle
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A recent article in the journal, Psychopharmacology, states that "No 
evidence was found for long-term deficits in working memory and 
selective attention in frequent cannabis users after one week of 
abstinence." It also states that "cannabis users did not differ from 
controls in terms of overall patterns of brain activity in the region 
involved in the cognitive functions."

Previous reports of other clinical trials have reported similar 
results (Psychological Medicine, 2004; International 
Neuropsychological Society, 2003; and Canadian Medical Association 
Journal, 2002.)

Reports of children being "knocked on their (butt)," losing 
scholarships, dropping out of school, and attempting suicide because 
of their use of marijuana is citing reactions of a minority of 
youthful users. In fact, a majority of users lead productive lives. 
More scholarships are lost through being arrested while in possession 
of a joint or a bud than are lost through becoming stupid or 
apathetic as a result of smoking marijuana.

Using inaccurate information and scare tactics is one sure way to 
teach our youth that authority figures lie and to cause them to 
disbelieve everything they are told. We would rather have our 
children using marijuana than alcohol or tobacco. Alcohol can make 
people mean, tobacco has well known deadly consequences, and both can 
be addictive. Finally, more potent pot means less will be smoked to 
enjoy its effects.

Carol deProsse, Lone Tree

Caroline Dieterle, Iowa City
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